Barry the Thinker, never known to rush just ambles along methodically, until he gets the answer. Things change once he gets into motorbike mode!
Keith the Tornado, juggling 3 things at once, knows what you want before you have asked for it.
Ben. What can you say about someone who supports Wycombe Wanderers!!! Will be better than his Dad one day but not yet.
Tonia accounts goddess, another original team member.
Marcus has been with us since we started in 1994, although not seen by many he is known to a few.
Mick, an old Lucas Parts expert and experienced driver, although it is a good job we do not deliver pizzas!
Mary, usually accompanied by her trusty friend Cassie. Mary also enjoys horseriding, especially Western Style and knows how to deal with those cowboys!!
Steve, Stig our auto electrician. All round top bloke with a strange passion for Seventies Vauxhalls. Knows his AC from his DC.
Claire joined us after previously working for Toyota. Her role has recently changed and Claire will be helping in the stores and with deliveries.
Sam, a vital member of the SED team as he makes good tea!
SED Telephone 01483 538 038
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